2011-2012 Campaign

The campaign released in 2011 features South Carolinians using waterways, either for recreation or for occupation, and emphasizing how citizens can protect water quality through changed behaviors and reminding viewers that rivers connect us, and we all live downstream.


Billboards featuring actors from the commercial connected by a river system from the mountains to the coast will be displayed in most regional partnership areas across the state with local consortium and Carolina Clear logos. Billboards were released in July and August 2011 and will conclude early fall 2012.


Send to a friend or jump on a bike/in the car and go see the billboards near you featuring SC citizens
supporting behaviors that can lead to improved water quality for future generations.
Click here for a map of the billboard locations statewide.


Beginning August 1, 2011, the commercial will air across cable networks in all partner regions. This 30-second spot includes discussion of proper management of pet waste, yard debris, household hazardous chemicals, and fertilizing practices and what people can do to prevent household-related stormwater pollution. The majority of regional partnerships will have unique viewership per the cable market available. For instance, the Ashley Cooper commercial will broadcast on both Knology and Comcast. Due to a shared cable market in Richland and Lexington Counties, both logos and names are included in the concluding segment of the commercial. For cable broadcasting in Sumter, Sumter Stormwater Solutions, Richland Countywide Stormwater Consortium and Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium are all named, and all logos appear in the concluding segment. The Pickens Countywide Stormwater Consortium commercial is shown below, and all regional commercials can be viewed at Carolina Clear’s YouTube channel by searching for “Carolina Clear.” To find out more about embedding this commercial into your community’s or organization’s website, please contact your local Carolina Clear regional coordinator.

The following is the Pickens Countywide version of the 2011-2012 television spot.
Versions of this commercial exist for each consortium area and broadcast area. Enjoy!

Social Marketing Value

Image of tv commercial shootSocial marketing value was tested against a small national test panel. The 30-second commercial rated well for the viewer’s ability to retain the message and relay it back through the evaluation instrument used. Several panelists referenced the “We all live downstream” message in stating why this commercial demonstrated important and meaningful concepts that affect their lives or that of their families and the urgency of the issue at hand.”  As for importance to society, urgency of issue and its effect on the panelist or their family, the commercial scored a 3.43 on a 4-point scale (average for social marketing pieces tested is 3.23).

Out of a ranking of 5, 4.62 viewers felt that the commercial was “about the audience and what we can do” versus “about somebody else and what they can do.” One panelist states that the commercial is for “Everyone: Its purpose is to make people aware of the consequences of their seemingly harmless actions. You forget that your action/inaction can affect people you have never met.”


The 30-second television spot has won three awards:

  • National Association of County Agricultural Agents 2011 Communications Award – 2nd Place, Video Communications [National Award]

  • Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences – Gold Award [International Award]

  •  17th Annual Communicator Awards – Distinction [International Award]

We all live downstream! Thanks for sharing this commercial and its message with others!