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The Clemson Institute for Economic + Community Development (CIECD) has a wide variety of programs and workshops that help agribusiness operators explore ways to increase the profitability of their agribusiness. CIECD faculty and and your local Extension Agents are here to help you begin your own agribusiness, add value to your farm operation and products through agritourism, expand your market through SC MarketMaker, start or enhance your local farmer's market and reach your business goals through USDA Rural Development assistance and support.

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The Ag Biz Builder Blog encourages networking with other small farmers and agriculture support agencies from across the state.  You can use the blog to keep up with the latest SC agriculture news, discuss issues with other small farmers, share great ideas, learn about resources for small farmers, or ask production and business related questions. 

Local Food Spotlight

Local Food: Does it Matter What we Eat? Learn more about food systems, food policy and things you can do at home, school and commuinty to support our local food economies.

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Have an agribusiness development question?  Visit our  Would you like to learn more about our agribusiness programming and services? Fill out the form below and a CIECD staff member will respond as soon as possible.




Everybody eats. Some of us prefer hamburgers. Some like veggies. But what you eat is only the beginning. Here’s
something else to ask yourself: Does it matter where your food comes from? Is there any difference between tomatoes
grown locally vs. those that arrive on a truck from 1,500 miles away? What does chemical ripening of fruits and
vegetables mean? Is that safe? Can what you eat really impact the environment … positively or negatively?