Market Manager Guide

Problem solver.  Customer service specialist.  Marketing coordinator.  These are just a few of the roles a Farmer's Market Manager must play to ensure the sustainability of the local market.  The resources provided below are designed to help you become a more effective and efficient market leader.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Manager as Visionary and Leader
  3. Day-to-Day Management
  4. Working with Your Board of Directors
  5. Market Leadership: Strengthening Your Board of Directors
  6. Maintaining Positive Relations with Vendors
  7. Managing Conflict with Vendors
  8. Managing Customer Relations
  9. Problem-Solving
  10. Conflict Resolution
  11. Communicating with a Large Audience
  12. Interpersonal Communication
  13. Time Management
  14. Delegation Techniques
  15. Conclusion
Above material provided by UC-DAVIS Small Farm Program, Farmers Market Management series, Vol. 1

Manager Resources


Market Event Ideas
Provided by Mike McCreary