About Connecting Rural Communities

CRCConnecting Rural Communities is sponsored and funded by the Southern Rural Development Center through their 2005 Rural E-Commerce Extension Initiative Grants Program.

Connecting Rural Communities was developed by: 

  • William Shuffstall - Senior Extension Educator, Penn State Cooperative Extension - shuffy@psu.edu

  • Sheila Sager - Candidate for PhD in Mass Communications, The Pennsylvania State University - sss2@psu.edu

  • Rae Montgomery - Extension Professor, University of Minnesota Extension - rae@umn.edu

  • Dana Noonan, Internet Consultant (http://www.infomaven.com) under contract with University of Minnesota Extension. Dana is also the author of the Access eCommerce, Access eGovernment, Access eNonProfit, Access eInternet, and Access eBroadband tutorials.