Laboratory for Deliberative Democracy

Deliberative Democracy is a tool to strengthen democracy, a tool in which individuals hold meaningful conversations in the attempt to discover what it takes to make a democracy work as it should.  It is designed to engage citizens to learn from each other and to discuss among themselves what are sometimes opposing options.  Paired with purposeful, complementary citizen action encompassing traditional community development activities like visioning, strategic planning, and collaborative and partnership development; deliberative dialogue and complementary citizen action can help build communities and enhance citizens civic skills - thereby enhancing social capital and strengthening democracy.

Initial deliberative democracy is conducted in public forums in which the goal is to involve as diverse a population as possible: youth, adults, various ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups, and other demographic areas.  The complementary action phase is aimed at creating collaborative relationships and community partnerships to achieve a community specific goal.

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Barbara Brown
Director, CIECD Laboratory for Deliberative Democracy

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