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The Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) focuses on the application of novel and emerging technologies, innovative management strategies, and multi-scale outreach programs to solve major natural resources problems. The institute designation formalizes the efforts of the entrepreneurial faculty who are driving transformative science and technology in the areas of watershed ecology, green infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure, ecological restoration, and sustainable natural resources. IAE builds on the strong project resume of the Center for Applied Ecology and the EPA-Designated Center for Watershed Excellence.

IAE supports the Sustainable Environment Focus Area by expanding opportunities for Clemson University faculty and students to participate in statewide watershed research and education programs that support community-based, cost-effective watershed management programs. Over the past three years, 75 faculty and graduate students from multiple colleges have collaborated on natural resource projects throughout South Carolina. This faculty shares resources within their individual laboratories while supporting a common laboratory to bring graduate students from multiple disciplines together into a team environment.