Sand River Headwaters Green Infrastructure Project

The Sand River Headwaters Green Infrastructure Project incorporates sustainable development practices to capture and treat stormwater in downtown watersheds.
Download the Final Project Research Report (Phase I) - February 2013

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that drains off goes into the same river, lake or other water body. The project objective is to reduce the impact of stormwater on nearby Sand River and Hitchcock Woods (see erosion photo below) by returning to the principles of how stormwater was treated decades ago, prior to the introduction of pavement, driveways and other impervious structures.

Photo of Sand River Erosion

The City of Aiken received $3.34 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and awarded Clemson University $293,187 to assist in design of bioswales, rain gardens, permeable paving and other low-impact retrofit practices. Separately, the City of Aiken granted the University $167,004 to develop a research and monitoring program for Aiken’s Green Infrastructure that taps into Clemson’s Intelligent River® research program.

The Hydrological Evaluation of Sand River Headwaters project was awarded $367,437 for a two year project that began in July of 2013 (read more)

Download the Final Project Report
summarizing the research
February 2013

View list of plants used for shrub areas and ground cover in the newly planted parkways

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