Faculty and Graduate Students

Gene Eidson, Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Computational Ecology / Urban Ecology Center
geidson@clemson.edu  Phone: 864-656-3240
Research Interests: Restoration Ecology, Urban Ecology, Cyberinfrastructure Applications

Cooperating Investigators
Calvin Sawyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor - School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Water Quality, Stormwater, Sediment-bacteria Dynamics. 

Daniel Hitchcock, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor - School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Coastal Water Resources, Ecological Engineering, Vegetative Treatment Systems

Jason Hallstrom, Ph.D., Associate Professor - School of Computing, Computer Science Division
Research Interests: Large Scale Embedded Sensing

Christopher Post, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Research Interests: Environmental Sensor Networks, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing

Bradley Putman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Research Interests: Asphalt Binder Rheology, Asphalt Mixture Performance, Concrete Materials, Pavement Design, Construction, Performance & Maintenance 

David L. White, Ph.D., Research Professor, Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT)
Research Interests: Information Technology, Data Management, Coastal and Estuarine Ecology, Hydrology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geostatistics, Remote Sensing


Graduate Students
Samuel Esswein
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources

Ryan Yonce
Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture