Hydrological Evaluation of the Sand River Headwaters Stormwater Infrastructure

The Hydrological Evaluation project builds on the Sand River Headwaters Green Infrastructure project and provides continued steps to better understand the urban watershed boundaries and sources of stormwater discharge. The results will help prioritize future strategic green infrastructure installations. The Aiken City Council approved $367,000 for the Hydrological Evaluation in April of 2013.

Project Objectives:

  • Quantify hydrologic flows during storm events draining to and within the downtown Aiken stormwater sewer system that constitutes Sand River headwaters.

  • Based on storm event flows, evaluate and optimize potential locations for further green infrastructure (GI) installation including analysis for hydrology and cost-effectiveness.

  • Enhance site-level remote data acquisition capabilities throughout the Sand River watershed and integrate associated collection, transmission, display and archival facilities into the Intelligent River network.

  • Disseminate results to the general public, as well as regional design engineers, site developers, municipal and county stormwater management staff, state environmental angences, landscape architecture academics and professionals, planning agencies and peer-reviewed journals.