MoteStack photo MoteStack in box Motestack in Bioswale SmartPhone on IR web site

The MoteStack wireless sensor monitors and transmits environmental information, and the corresponding software to make the data available online, in real time on the Intelligent River® website. There are monitoring stations situated throughout the project area. Monitoring equipment includes a weather station, soil moisture sensors and data sondes measuring water depth, temperature and conductivity.

Weather Station Photo
  • Weather Station - most important uses are to determine the quantity of water entering the project area due to rain and calculate the quantity of water expelled into the atmosphere due to evaporation from the soil surface and transpiration from the plants - together known as evapotranspiration. The rainfall measurement provides data for calculating the volume of water that falls directly onto the infiltration BMPs. Storm depth and duration, as well as peak and average intensity, are determined. Solar radiation, wind speed, humidity and temperature data are being used to estimate evapotranspiration.

  • Soil Sensors - for computing the volume of water held within the soil.

  • Data Sondes - for both water quantity purposes measuring depth of water as it enters the parkways and determining the quantity of water eliminated from the original stormwater system through green infrastructure solutions.