Project Overview

Project Location

The location of the project work is the downtown area of Aiken, South Carolina. That area drains into the Sand River, which flows to Horse Creek  and ultimately flows into the Middle Savannah River.


The Sand River Headwaters Green Infrastructure Project in Aiken incorporates sustainable development practices to capture and treat stormwater in downtown watersheds. Rain gardens, bioswales, underground cisterns and pervious pavement provide smart green solutions for urban stormwater management. These Best Management Practices (BMPs) enhance nature’s capacity to absorb stormwater, and provide both economic and environmentally sound approaches to reduce stormwater flows that are impacting Sand River, Hitchcock Woods and other downstream impaired waters. This project enhances the city’s environmental health and demonstrates community leadership toward sustainability.

Project Description

The project is divided into three primary components:
    1) Stormwater Monitoring System and Infiltration Optimization;
    2) Intelligent River®; Integration; and
    3) Landscape Architecture Designs.

Project Objectives
  • Quantify hydrologic flows, pollutant concentration and loading of representative BMPs in response to storm events.
  • Assess Green Infrastructure BMP design, installation and maintenance to develop cost-effectiveness profiles.
  • Optimize site-level remote data acquisition capabilities and integrate associated collection, transmission, display and archival facilities into the Intelligent River® network.
  • Address environmental stakeholder concerns related to project construction and implementation.