Parkways Progression

Parkways in downtown Aiken are being reconstructed to capture and treat stormwater. Bioretention areas made up of rain gardens and bioswales will:

    • collect runoff and allow the water to infiltrate through a special bioretention soil mix, and

  • reduce pollutants and the amount of water leaving the downtown area. Monitoring equipment is being installed to measure the change in stormwater flow and detect pollutants.


Shrub Areas:
American Beautyberry / Callicarpa americana Dwarf Fothergilla / Fothergilla gardenii White Fringetree / Chionanthus virginicus
White Wood Aster / Aster Divaricatus Swamp Azalea / Rododendron viscosum Wild Indigo / Baptisia alba
Virginia Chain Fern / Woodwardia virginica Virginia Sweetspire / Itea virginica
Ground Covers:
Juncus / Juncus effusus Northern Sea Oats / Chasmanthium latifolium
Pink Muhly / Muhlenbergia capillaris St. Augustine Grass / Stenotaphrum secundatum
Switch Grass / Panicum virgatum
Photo of planted parkway Photo of planted parkway Photo of planted parkway

View photo timelines of construction progression in each parkway (aerial view available on the "Project Map" page)

View Chesterfield Parkway between Richland & Park

View Newberry Parkway between Park & Colleton

View York Parkway between Park & Colleton

Park Avenue Parkway (5 locations)
Fairfield & York  /  Newberry & Laurens  /  Union & Fairfield  /  York & Chesterfield  /  Chesterfield & Newberry

Conceptual designs and engineering plans were developed for all targeted parkways.
The construction process involves the following steps: