Aiken Green Infrastructure Project Map

The map below shows the current site areas that are being enhanced with green infrastructure solutions. Use the zoom tool on the left hand side of the map window to see all the pins clearly. Click on a 'pin' to identify the best management practice being utilized. Please use the 'refresh' button on your browser if no pins are showing on the map.

  • In the upper right corner of the map, select "map" view for a basic street map base or "satellite" view for satellite imagery.
  • Blue "P" pins are parking areas that have been reconstructed using porous or permeable pavement materials. Pervious surfaces allow water to pass directly through, thereby reducing runoff and allowing groundwater recharge.

  • Green pins identify parkways which have been reconstructed as bioretention cells. Bioretention areas made up of rain gardens and bioswales will collect runoff and allow the water to infiltrate through a special bioretention soil mix, reducing pollutants and the amount of water leaving the downtown area.

  • Red pins identify the location of monitoring equipment. The equipment is installed to measure the change in stormwater flow and detect pollutants.

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