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Intelligent River® Research Enterprise

Intelligent River® (www.intelligentriver.org) is a real-time remote data acquisition system that is used for: monitoring the water quality of watersheds, rivers and streams; analysis of the quality of watersheds, rivers, and streams; and for providing information in the field of water quality. The Intelligent River® Research Enterprise develops and operates hydrological observation systems to support research and provide real-time monitoring, analysis and management of water resources. The observation networks vary in purpose, scale and density of observation platforms and sensor types, but have a common need to be managed in real time with a well developed software and hardware architecture that is intended to provide 24/7 access to data and visualization products.

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Intelligent River® - Savannah River NSF MRI Project 

Project Site: 312-mile Savannah River
Funding: $3M Major Research Instrumentation Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award CNS-1126344)
Website:  www.clemson.edu/ecology/savannah

The National Science Foundation awarded the University $3 million to design, develop and deploy a basinwide network of computerized sensors to monitor water quality along the entire length of the Savannah River. Link to project website - www.clemson.edu/appliedecology/savannah

Intelligent Farm

Project Site: Edisto Research and Education Center, Blackville
Funding: $100,000 from the Wells Fargo Foundation
Website: www.clemson.edu/ecology/project_ifarm.html

The Intelligent Farm uses computers, satellites, field sensors and cell towers to provide real-time information that can improve farmers' decision-making and enhance farm prosperity, environmental sustainability and food security. The goal of the Intelligent Farm research is to provide the latest technological tools to growers and consultants, such as Clemson Extension agents and specialists, who can make better-informed decisions on where and how much water and fertilizer are needed. Previous research on targeted applications has shown a 15 percent savings of water and a 25 percent energy savings, leading to increased farm profits.

Intelligent Forest

Project Site: Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science, Georgetown
Website: (under construction)

The Intelligent Forest is being piloted within the Strawberry Swamp watershed located in Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown. The work has involved developing baseline level information on the swamp, establishing a sensor network to measure and locally log environmental data, and pilot the Intelligent Forest by employing Intelligent River® sensor technology at two sites within the watershed.  Forests on the Strawberry Swamp tract range from very dry upland sites to a permanently flooded swamp. Many environmental and biological factors influence the structure and dynamics of these forests. Although differences in hydrology generally result in distinct broad forest types on an area, associated factors such as soil structure, soil and water pH, nutrient availability and turnover rates, light intensity, and disturbance (natural and man-made) also affect species establishment and growth. Furthermore, competition for resources, both aboveground and belowground, across the mosaic of microtopographic
conditions that typically occur in these forests can result in complex distributions of species.

Intelligent City

Project Site: Aiken
Website: (under construction)

The Urban Ecology Center is developing technology for the Intelligent City project which will enable entire cities to utilize sophisticated, computerized operational models and decision-making tools to manage urban infrastructure: roads, bridges, water systems, buildings, utilities, energy and green spaces. For Clemson University, a strong five-year working partnership between the Institute of Computational Ecology and the City of Aiken forms the foundation for the new Urban Ecology Center. Through this partnership, the City has engaged Clemson to develop innovative concepts for the restoration of stormwater-impacted forests and wetlands, and to develop pilot programs that merge ecology/green infrastructure with Intelligent River® technologies for environmental monitoring and management. With a $3.3M ARRA award and City-supported research awards, the City of Aiken and Clemson University developed one of the country’s most important green infrastructure projects, with Intelligent River® technologies embedded within a subset of highly impermeable downtown watersheds. This project resulted in a successful demonstration of the utility of Intelligent River® technology, while providing an excellent demonstration of how small cities of the future will embed cyberinfrastructure technologies within their built infrastructure. In 2013, the City awarded the Institute a second research project: Hydrological Evaluation of the Sand River Headwaters Stormwater Infrastructure, which will utilize Intelligent River® technologies to provide real-time remote data acquisition of downtown stormwater flows into Sand River.