The Sand River Ecological Restoration Master Plan utilizes faculty and students from Clemson University to minimize project costs and provide a research-oriented, community-based restoration program. 

Participating faculty on the project include:

Gene W. Eidson, Ph.D.: Dr. Eidson serves as principal investigator of the Sand River project. He is Program Director for restoration ecology within the Clemson University Restoration Institute and is founding director of the Institute for Computational Ecology, the Urban Ecology Center and Center for Watershed Excellence. He serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology. His primary research interests include constructed wetlands for advanced wastewater treatment, floodplain restoration, community-based programming, and incorporation of cyberinfrastructure into watershed monitoring on a river basin scale.  For more information, connect to his profile.

Calvin Sawyer, Ph.D.: Dr. Sawyer is the Associate Director for the Center for Watershed Excellence. He currently holds a faculty position in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Sawyer has extensive experience in the Clemson University Extension and Public Service Program. Dr. Sawyer's research interests include water quality, stormwater, and sediment-bacteria dynamics. In 2003, be began work as the Extension Water Quality Coordinator at Clemson where, among other endeavors, he coordinated development and implementation of numerous water quality programs throughout the state such as Carolina Clear, South Carolina's Certified Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI) and Certified Stormwater Plan Reviewer (CSPR).  For more information, connect to his profile.

Nadim M. Aziz, Ph.D.: Dr. Aziz is Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering. His areas of interest include environmental fluid mechanics; sediment transport and scour; contaminated sediments; and hydrologic modeling and design. Dr. Aziz is widely published in scientific journals on issues related to stormwater management, environmental contaminants and hydrology. He is a member of both national as well as international societies. For more information, connect to his profile.

Victoria Chanse, Ph.D.: During the project, Dr. Chanse was an Assistant Professor at Clemson University’s Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture with a 25 percent appointment at Clemson University’s Restoration Institute. Her research and professional experiences rest in community participation around the design and planning of watersheds and sustainable open spaces.

In addition, the following graduate and undergraduate students have participated:

Aiken Boulevard Project (LARCH 423/623 class)
Akpinar, Abdullah  (MLA)
Bachman, Jacob  (BLA)
Brazeal, Ashley  (BLA)
Morgan, Leigh  (MLA)
Oliver, Russell  (BLA)
Shealey, Kevin  (MLA)
Wilder, Jean (MLA)

Graphics - Sand River Restoration Project
Cooke, Erin (MLA)

sand river photos