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The purpose of the master planning process was to engage in collaborative dialogue among all parties and create an ecologically sound master plan that balances storm water management with habitat preservation and restoration. The master plan lays out a long-term framework for ensuring that the cumulative effects of individual projects within Sand River result in a self-sustaining ecosytem that all residents from the area can enjoy. It also meets all the watershed-level and structural requirements established by local public and private authorities governing the property and surrounding areas.

The local community was involved through a series of stakeholder meetings, a public forum and comment opportunities.  A draft set of possible restoration approaches were crafted by the lead agencies, restoration scientists and civil engineers, and a public forum was hosted by the City to gain feedback. 

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Principal Investigator & Lead Contact:
Gene W. Eidson, Ph.D.
Director of the Institute of Computational Ecology and the Urban Ecology Center
Phone:  (864) 710-0882