Project Team

Principal Investigator & Lead Contact
Jason O. Hallstrom, Ph.D.
School of Computing - Computer Science Division
(864) 656-0187
Intelligent River® Research Enterprises Contact
Gene W. Eidson, Ph.D.
Director, Clemson University Institute of Computational Ecology
(864) 710-0882

Cooperating Investigators

Robert Geist III, Ph.D.
School of Computing
Network Operations Specialist
Vamsi K. Gondi, Ph.D.

Anand Jayakaran, Ph.D.
School of Agricultural, Forest & Environmental Services
Senior Software Engineer
Charles T. Cook, School of Computing

Christopher Post, Ph.D.
Department of Forestry & Natural Resources

Julia Sharp, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Jerry Tessendorf, Ph.D.
School of Computing - Visual Computing Division

K.C. Wang, Ph.D.
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

David L. White, Ph.D.
Center for Next Generation Computing / PRTM

Oscar Flite III, Ph.D.
Southeaster Natural Sciences Academy