Charrette 2: Building Design

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What is a 'charrette'? A charrette is an intensive planning session wherein participants from different disciplines explore and present ideas to collaborate on a project vision.

The second charrette for the Charleston Vertical Farm Design Feasibility Study was held on October 14th in Charleston. The purpose of the second charrette was to focus on a vision for the Vertical Farm building by reviewing and openly discussing numerous building design strategies for the Port City Paper site. Participants were charged with examining specific design schemes while providing meaningful, critical, and insightful feedback via a typical S. W. O. T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).  The charrette shared a similar structure as the first event to capitalize on the diverse group of community members that had been invited.

Charrette participants were divided up among seven stations. At each station was a small scale model of a building design that could be developed by "repurposing" the Port City Paper building. Each model was designed by students from the graduate school of architecture. The students first sat with their model to explain the design to the participants, then the students were asked to rotate to another station while the participants stayed with the model they were introduced to. Students then worked with the participants to develop a S.W.O.T. analysis of the model they were stationed with - students did not evaluate their own design.

Final presentations of each design model were made at the end of the charrette.