Charrette 3: Technical Resolution

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What is a 'charrette'? A charrette is an intensive planning session wherein participants from different disciplines explore and present ideas to collaborate on a project vision.

The purpose of the third charrette was to unveil design changes to each team’s prototype that were made in response to participant input from the second charrette and to resolve technical issues related to each prototype. Project faculty were invited to the architecture studio to provide input on critical operational issues related to the seven proposed design models. The designs reflect an iterative process and further changes will be made to incorporate faculty input. The students were organized into seven teams of two persons each, and each team presented a six minute PowerPoint showing the exterior design and interior floorplans, describing the reasoning for their design model and explaining the services it would house for the community. Next faculty members spent ten minutes with each project team to provide feedback on the design elements that related to their areas of expertise. These comments will be utilized in the final refinement of each team's building.