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Download the Final Report for the Charleston Vertical Farm Design Feasibility Study
DOWNLOAD HERE - PDF File, 30MB (210 pages)

  • Download Sections of the Report Appendices from the Index below

City of Charleston Letter of Support

APPENDIX B (pdf, 57KB)
Faculty Team Spreadsheet 

APPENDIX C (pdf, 12MB)
C.1 - Design Studio Calendar
Student Research PowerPoints
C.2 – Program Introduction
C.3 – Charleston History & Context Infrastructure
C.4 - Charleston Demographics
C.5 – Charleston Building Codes
C.6 – Vertical Farming Concept
C.7 – Social Justice 
C.8 – Vertical Farming For Charleston
Student Design Research PowerPoints
C.9 - Precedent
C.10 - Infrastructure
C.11 - Tectonics
C.12 - Kinetic Architecture
C.13 - Ecology
C.14 - Structure Systems

APPENDIX D (pdf, 471KB)
D.1 - Clemson University News Release
D.2 - News Articles

APPENDIX E (pdf, 725KB)
Meeting Minutes
E.1 – March 22, 2011 
E.2 – April 20, 2011 
E.3 – June 2, 2011 
E.4 – June 23, 2011 

APPENDIX F (pdf, 1.8MB)
F.1 - Port City Paper Building Brochure
F.2 - Meddin Bros. Building Brochure
F.3 - Target Tire Warehouse Brochure

Charrette 1: Student Research PowerPoints
G.1 - The Theory Behind the Concept of Vertical Farming
G.2 - What Does Vertical Farming Mean for Charleston
G.3 - Charleston Vertical Farm Economics
Charrette 1: Final Group PowerPoints
G.4 - Port City Paper Building Evaluation
G.5 - Meddin Bros. Building Evaluation
G.6 - Target Tire Warehouse Evaluation

Charrette 2: Design Model S.W.O.T. Evaluation PowerPoints
H.1 – Design Model 1
H.2 – Design Model 2
H.3 – Design Model 3
H.4 – Design Model 4
H.5 – Design Model 5
H.6 – Design Model 6
H.7 – Design Model 7