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Summer Employment Opportunities

Job Duties

  • Assist research/extension personnel in planting, maintaining and harvesting of agronomic crops.
  • Assist with data collection of crops in fields and greenhouses.
  • Assist in maintenance of facilities and grounds of Research and Education Center.

To be considered for a position you must complete the interest form below.

Applicant Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Do you have a high school diploma? Yes      No
If no, what is your current grade level? 9      10      11      12
Are you a current college student? Yes      No
If yes, what year are you? Freshman      Sophomore      Junior      Senior
If yes, list field of study:
Are you a current Clemson University student? Yes      No
Do you have a college degree? Yes      No
How many seasons of Ag related work experience do you have?
Do you have a valid driver’s license? Yes      No
Please select ONE position:
Job Title Minimum Requirements & Pay Rate
Ag Intern I No minimum requirements - ($7.25/hr)
Ag Intern II HS diploma or 1 season Ag related work experience - ($8.00/hr)
Ag Intern III HS diploma and 1 season Ag related work experience OR 1 year post HS education – ($9.00/hr)
Ag Intern IV HS diploma & 2 seasons Ag related work experience OR 2 years post HS education and 1 year Ag related work experience – ($10.00 - $11.00/hr)
Ag Intern V HS diploma & 3 seasons Ag related work experience OR 3 years post HS education & 2 years Ag work experience – ($11.50 - $14.00/hr)
*Must be 16 years of age or older.