Instructions for CRIS Forms

(CRIS forms 416 & 417, and CSREES-2008 to be submitted via CRIS website)

  1. Go to CRIS forms assistance website:
  2. On left side of page, under “Enter Forms”, select "Work Unit Description AD 416-417."
  3. On map, click on South Carolina.
  4. At top of next page: Choose “SC” (Agricultural Experiment Station).
         Enter password: pecan
  5. Enter P.I.s last name.   Your project will pop up between the green lines.
  6. Click on AD-416.
  7. At screen 2, fill in sections:
         Non-technical summary
  8. Check and save.
  9. “Confirmation Screen” will pop up.  At top center, click on “return to project/form selection."
  10. Click on AD 417. 
  11. Click on “classification assistance” to access the CRIS classification manual.
  12. Fill in items 25-39 (Items 25-27* are required.  For 30-39, use as many as you need)
  13. Check and save.
  14. “Confirmation Screen” will pop up. At top center,  click on "return to project/form selection."
  15. Click on CSREES-2008. 
  16. Fill in as appropriate, whether for animals-humans-DNA research.
  17. Check and save.
  18. “Confirmation Screen” will pop up.
  19. Exit the CRIS website.
  20. Notify Nelle Bridges that you have completed the forms.

*Item Definitions

25. Basic: Research that has a primary goal of gaining fuller knowledge or understanding of a subject.
26. Applied: Research that has a primary goal of the practical application of knowledge to meet a recognized need.
27. Development: Research findings to produce useful materials, devices, systems or methods.