Godley-Snell Award for Excellence in Ag Research

The Godley-Snell Award is named in honor of W. Cecil Godley, former director of the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, and Absalom W. Snell, former associate director. This is the largest annual agricultural research award given at the university and is allocated from earnings of a fund that was first established upon Dr. Godley’s retirement in 1986, and was increased in 1988 when Dr. Snell retired. 

The purpose of the fund is to stimulate excellence in agricultural research by making a personal award to faculty members involved in research through the Experiment Station. Awardees are selected each year by a committee appointed by the Experiment Station. A call for nominations is sent to participating faculty each spring and the award is presented at a function in which peers and the college leadership are present.


         2013  Hong Luo, Genetics and biochemistry
         2012 Lambert B. McCarty, School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences
         2011 Ahmad Khaliliam, Biosystems Engineering

  • 2010 William H. Conner, Forestry and Natural Resources
  • 2009 Albert G. Abbott, Genetics and Biochemistry
  • 2008 Gregory Reighard, Horticulture
  • 2007 Paul Dawson, Food Science
  • 2006 Dave Brune, Agriculture and Biological Engineering
  • 2005 Tom Jenkins, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
  • 2004 David C. Guynn, Forest Resources
  • 2003 Peter H. Adler, Entomology
  • 2002 David H. Van Lear, Forest Resources
  • 2001 Arnie E. Eversole, Aquaculture, Fisheries & Wildlife
  • 2000 Ronald J. Thurston, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
  • 1999 Bruce A. Fortnum, Plant Pathology & Physiology
  • 1998 Halina Knap, Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences
  • 1997 Ralph A. Dean, Plant Pathology & Physiology
  • 1996 A. Budd Bodine, Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences
  • 1995 Albert W. Johnson, Entomology
  • 1994 N. Dwight Camper, Plant Pathology & Physiology
  • 1993 Dee L. Cross, Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences
  • 1992 Eldon I. Zehr, Plant Pathology & Physiology
  • 1991 John C. Morse, Entomology
  • 1990 Don M. Henricks, Animal Science
  • 1989 O. W. Barnett, Plant Pathology & Physiology
  • 1988 Peter M. Burrows, Experimental Statistics
  • 1987 Mark S. Henry, Agr Economics & Rural Sociology