Surplus Equipment and Excess Property

Disposal of State Surplus Equipment and Federal Excess Equipment

Equipment purchased with AFR funds may only be disposed of through the Property Control Section of Administrative Services, regardless of the final disposition.  After it has been determined that a piece of equipment is no longer needed by the department, a CUBO-206, Declaration of Surplus Property/Transfer form, should be prepared and signed by the department chair/head.  The form should then be forwarded to Property Control in Administrative Services on Perimeter Road.  The department should retain a photocopy of the CUBO-206 in the Inventory file until the completed form, signed by the Director of Administrative Services is returned to the department.

The CUBO-206 form should be prepared for any item that becomes surplus, obsolete, lost, stolen, transferred to another department or traded.  The form must be properly completed before the Property Control Section can begin disposal procedures.  When Property Control determines the final disposition for any piece of equipment reported on a CUBO-206 form, one copy of the completed form will be returned to the initiating department.

Acquisition of Federal Excess Equipment: Federal Excess Personal Property may be acquired by individuals within the AFR through the USDA-FEPP program at no cost except shipping and handling.  PSA Business Services is the accountable office for this program and handles all requests for federal excess equipment.  If interested in obtaining federal excess equipment, contact the PSA Business Services at either 864-656-2511 or 864-656-3385.

Disposal of Federal Excess Equipment

Title to all equipment acquired through the Federal Excess Personal Property program remains vested with the USDA.  Federal equipment that becomes excess to a project or program for which it was acquired, is damaged beyond economical repair, lost or stolen must be reported to the PSA Business Services.  The necessary forms will then be completed and forwarded to the USDA for final disposition instructions.  The department may be required to store the item until the disposition instructions are received.

Surplus property

Surplus property is handled at department level; forms are prepared and forwarded to appropriate person and arrangements are made for the property to be picked up; once this process is complete, property is removed from department's inventory based on University policies.