Patents Issued

Discoveries by Clemson Experiment Station scientists include methods to improve reproduction in livestock and humans, triple catfish production, reduce the environmental impact of livestock waste, treat acne and other bacterial infections, automate greenhouse plant propagation, and extract natural dyes from plants.

Earlier contributions include various types of harvesting equipment, an "ultrafiltration" system for extracting fruit juice, and a computerized sprayer for tree crops. One of Clemson's earliest patents, for a sweet potato digger, was also awarded to agricultural researchers in 1953. Below is a list of patents, from most recent to earliest.


  • Carolina Canning


  • Methods of Inhibiting Multiple Cytochrome P450 Genes with siRNA
  • Thermally Enhanced Oxygen Scavengers Including a Transition Metal and a Free Radical Scavenger
  • Methods and Compositions for an Integrated Dual Site- Specific Recombination System for Producing Environmentally Safe and Clean Transgenic Plants


  • Tumor and mutation supressing plant extract
  • Methods of isolating specific compounds from lymphatic tissue
  • Increased resistance of plants to pathogens from multiple higher-order phyogenetic lineages
  • Inhibition of pathgenic agents including a6B4 intergin receptor or a 6B4 integrin receptor at a surface.


  • A Composition and Method for Treating Acne
  • Remote Sensing of River Dynamics (Intellegent River)


  • Process for Reducing Solid Waste Volume and Landfill Mass


  • Controlled Eutrophication Process


  • Intermittent Immersion Vessel Apparatus and Process for Plant Propogation


  • Process for Ozonation & Converting Organic Materials into useful products
  • Systems & Process for Treating Carbonaceous Wastes


  • Intermittent Immersion Bioreactor for Plant Propagation


  • Apparatus and method for propagating plants
  • Laminitis in horses
  • Jointless gene of tomato


  • System and process for treating waste water
  • Method for promoting ovulation, parturition, and lactation in mammals
  • Apparatus and method for propagating plants
  • Apparatus and system for plant production


  • PCR-based method for identifying a Fusarium wilt-resistant genotype in plants
  • Method of diagnosing gummy stem blight in plants using a polymerase chain reaction assay
  • Method for promoting ovulation, parturition, and lactation in mammals
  • Composition and method for treating bacterial infection
  • Partitioned aquaculture system

1990 - 2000

  • System and process for treating animal waste (2000)
  • Method using male sterility and a marker to produce hybrid seeds and plants (2000)
  • Composition and method for treating acne (1999)
  • Extraction of pigment from plant materials (1998)
  • Encapsulated fertilizers and pesticides and process (1997)
  • Bacteria control agent and process for controlling bacteria growth (1997)
  • Plant growth media and process for using same (1997)
  • Plant propagation system (1997)
  • Automated system and process for heterotrophic growth of plant tissue (1996)
  • Feed supplements for ruminants and method for using same (1996)
  • Plant propagation system and method (1996)
  • Method of treating fescue toxicosis with domperidone (1994)
  • Improved agricultural apparatus (1994)
  • Pretreated cellulosic materials for producing molded composite articles there from and process (1994)
  • Improved harvesting machinery (1992)
  • Multipurpose agricultural tractor (1992)
  • Harvesting machinery (1990)
  • Hopper for dispensing seed, grain and the like (1990)

1972 - 1989

  • Method for treating hays, grains, and silages (1989)
  • Method and apparatus for target plant foliage sensing and mapping and related materials application control (1989)
  • Process for obtaining juices from fruits containing same (1987)
  • Bulb, root, and leafy vegetable harvester (1986)
  • Seeding implement (1985)
  • Underwater harvester for marine life (1984)
  • Orchard fruit handling system (1980)
  • Crop uprooting and soil cultivating apparatus and method for use of same (1979)
  • Tree shaker (1979)
  • Crop uprooting and soil working apparatus (1979)
  • Tobacco harvester (1977)
  • Tobacco harvesters (1972)
  • Harvester (1972)


  • Sweet potato digger