Project Based Funding

Procedures and Timeline for Project Proposal

Format for Hatch and McIntire-Stennis Research Projects (PDF, 51.1 KB)

Instructions for Completing CRIS Forms

Project-Based Funding

  • Projects are authorized by the Experiment Station.
  • Appropriations are made to project by the Experiment Station 
  • A portion of the PI salary can be paid from project. Faculty member must have at least 25% Experiment Station appointment .
  • Accomplishments will be assessed on all funds appropriated to authorized projects.

Project Designation and Procedures

  • Criteria used to select research projects will be relevancy, capacity, impact
  • All research projects must be reported in accordance with CRIS procedures
  • Each project is assigned an account number 

Four categories:

Hatch - agricultural research/match
Hatch projects (designated with "17") are reported in the USDA Plan of Work.
Hatch project portfolio will correspond to Hatch allocation plus state-funds match

Multi-Regional Funds (MRF) - agricultural research
MRF projects - 25% of Hatch portfolio must be conducted under MRF projects
The Experiment Station will appoint faculty to participate in MRF projects
In addition to any salary funds allocated to MRF projects, $500 will be budgeted (and can only be used) for travel to the annual meeting by the voting member of the MRF project.

    McIntire-Stennis (M-S) - forestry research/match
    McIntire-Stennis project portfolio will correspond to the McIntire-Stennis allocation plus state-funds match

      State - agricultural research and forestry research
      State projects (designated with "10") are reflective of all other agricultural and forestry research projects.

        Sponsored Programs

        All PSA research investments are expected to be leveraged.

        Performance Measures

        • Number of peer reviewed publications, including technical contributions
        • Number of graduate students (M.S. and Ph.D.) enrolled and degrees awarded
        • Amount of research funds allocated to project and funds leveraged
        • Number of patents and varieties
        • Sponsored research funding as a benchmark against peer institutions
        • Revenue generated from project work
        • Development income based on project activities
        • FAS is database from which this information will be obtained
        • New processes, products, etc.


        Departments or units cannot over-expend funds from the Experiment Station. Budget personnel are instructed to stop spending in operating accounts before they go into deficit.

        Multi-use and support facilities will be expected to become self-supporting.

        Once a project-program budget has been approved and entered on the departmental spreadsheet, any changes must be approved by the Experiment Station.

        Faculty who wish to conduct research with funding from the Experiment Station  must inirtially meet with their department chair to determine if their research interest is in line with the strategies for achieving the three PSA goals. Subsequent meetings will be required with Experiment Station administrators. The faculty activities will automatically be assigned to one or more of the three goals:

        • Agribusiness
               Animal Production Systems
               Non-food Horticultural Crops
               Global Food Security and Hunger
               Community and Economic Development
               Food Safety and Nutrition
        • Sustainable Environment
               Water Quality and Water Quality
               Climate Change
               Forest and Natural Resources
        • Energy

        Faculty will be requested to submit a pre-proposal before the request to submit a full project is approved.

        Approval of the project will provide funds for salary and fringe benefits of PI.

        The Experiment Staton may make research funds available to support a research initiative by a faculty member who does not have a research appointment and whose salary is not paid with research funds.  The faculty member must submit and have approved a Hatch or McIntire-Stennis project.

        CRIS Website

        The CRIS 416, 417, CSREES-2008 forms, and the project proposal for initiation of a new project are submitted via the CRIS website.

        The CRIS form 421 annual accomplishments reports are also submitted via the CRIS website. The reports are on a calendar-year basis and are due to CRIS in mid-March of each year for the previous calendar year. The Experiment Station notifies PIs each year of this requirement.