Facilities and Administration Recoveries

In keeping with the University policy for distribution of the recovery of Facilities and Administration (F&A, formerly called indirect costs) for departments  which do not have a substantial amount of PSA funding, the policy for distribution of F&A recovery for Experiment Station and Extension sponsored programs (SP) will be as follows:

  1. Twenty percent (20%) will be distributed to the PI (or shared between multiple PIs as incentive funds). These funds may be used for any legal purpose* including foreign travel.
  2. Ten percent (10%) will be distributed to the Dean of the College in which the PI resides. These funds may be used for any legal purpose* or they may be distributed to the Department Chair as the Dean directs.
  3. Ten percent (10%) will be distributed to the Department Chair in which the PI resides. The Department Chair may use these funds for any legal purpose*.
    Sixty percent (60%) will accrue to the Director of Research and Extension.
    The PSA Business Office will distribute these funds at the end of each quarter. These funds will flow to the PI as unrestricted PSA dollars.
  4. Of the sixty percent accruing to the Director(s), twenty percent (20%) of the F&A recovery from research conducted in campus facilities supported by the E&G budget will be transferred to the E&G budget. These resources will be utilized to provide support for expanded research infrastructure required for the research activities of the University where PSA is conducting externally funded research.
  5. Excluded from this agreement are:
    1. All off-campus activities including all Public Service (Extension) grants, Livestock and Poultry Health grants, and Plant Regulatory grants;
    2. All off-campus research activities including off-campus farms surrounding the campus, research and education centers (RECs), Baruch Institute, Clemson Experimental Forest, and community based projects;
    3. All projects involving the Institute of Family and Neighborhood Life. (This item is subject to periodic review and negotiation contingent on significant changes in this Institute's use of E&G funded space and resources).
    4. Centers and Institutes: Of the sixty percent accruing to the Director of Research and Extension from PSA-sponsored programs conducted in centers or institutes, ten percent (10%) will go to the center or institute recovering the F&A costs. This is in keeping with the directive from the University Chief Research Officer for E&G Sponsored Activities. If the PI is located at the main campus, the project budget will reside in the department and the 40% indirects will be distributed per #1, #2, and #3 above.
  6. The PSA Director and Associate Directors should use the remaining funds to enhance research and extension programs at the university.

*Legal purpose is defined as those purposes which meet state and university policies, procedures, rules and regulations for unrestricted generated funds, including foreign travel.