PSA Technician Policy & Implementation Timeline

April 2008

PSA is phasing out salary funding for technical support associated with individual faculty projects.  This policy establishes the basis for the transition and its implementation.

For the purposes of this policy, a technician is defined as “a staff level employee that is hired for a particular technical ability and works under the exclusive control of 1 or more faculty members to support their individual program(s).”

The transition period began July 1, 2006 and will be completed by June 30, 2010 at which time there will be 2 technician classes:

  • Core Technician: salary provided by PSA to support facilities and programs that encompass multiple faculty and broad programs to maintain the ability of the unit to be competitive in securing grants and other sources of extramural funds under the direction of the unit head, Department Chair, or Research & Education Center (REC) Director.
  • Non-Core Technician: salary provided from non-PSA sources in support of individual faculty programs.

Any technician receiving PSA state money must be associated with an on-going Experiment Station Hatch (CRIS) Project.  The transition will be managed by individual unit leaders; either Department Chairs on campus or REC Directors off campus.  Core technician needs of each unit have been determined and positions have been allotted.  Unit leaders, in consultation with PSA administrators, will identify those current technicians that will be transferred to core positions based on skills and experience.

Some core technicians, identified by the unit leader, will be available for buy down for up to 50% of their time by individual faculty to support their program directly.  The unit leader will determine availability of core technicians for buy down, which may vary over time with changing needs of the Department or REC.

Unit leaders will supervise core technician assignments to insure untenured faculty just starting programs will have priority for core technician use as they establish programs and develop external revenue streams.  This status will continue until tenure is granted.  Emeritus faculty and/or rehires may use core technicians if they have external money and the core technician has time available; however, priority is given to permanent full time faculty.

As core technicians retire or leave Clemson, their position will be evaluated in terms of need and appropriateness to a PSA mission area.  If justification is shown, the position may be refilled or reassigned.  If not justified, the position may be eliminated.  Evaluation will consider the aggregate productivity of faculty in the program being supported by the core technician.  (Productivity represented by those factors will be utilized in annual evaluations.)

Funds recovered to PSA by this process will be utilized to further research in identified PSA mission areas.  Funding for core technicians is dependent on available state funding.

Implementation Timeline

  • FY 2005-2006
    • Technicians identified and base support money determined.
    • Core support positions for each unit determined.
    • Unit funding is 100% of base amount.
    • Unit funding maintained at 100% to help transition.
  • FY 2007-2008
    • Unit funding for non-core technicians reduced by 25%.
  • FY 2008-2009
    • Unit funding for non-core technicians reduced by 50%.
  • FY 2009-2010
    • Unit funding for non-core technicians reduced by 75%.
  • FY 2010-2011
    • PSA no longer supports non-core technicians with state money, but may still supply limited funds in special cases.