Publication of Research Results

Policy Concerning Assignment of Technical Contribution Numbers
January 2015

The number of technical contributions written on research conducted through Experiment Station projects is one of the key measures that the Experiment Station reports each year to the US Department of Agriculture, the SC Budget & Control Board, and the Clemson University Assessment Office.  Information from the forms is also used to build a reporting database.

Technical contribution numbers (TCN) should be requested for peer-reviewed publications only. Examples include peer-reviewed journal articles, peer-reviewed proceedings, peer-reviewed chapters, peer-reviewed books, etc.  It is noted that much broader citations are allowed on REEport/NIFA reports.

To obtain the TCN, the faculty member submits Form 81-1a.  The form may be printed from the Experiment Station website, or copies can be obtained in the department chair’s office or from the Experiment Station office.  After approval by the department chair, the completed form is then submitted.

Via mail:                Clemson Experiment Station, 104 Barre Hall

Via e-mail:     (Dalphene Jameson)

The TCN will be sent by e-mail to the requesting faculty member, the department chair/REC director, and the departmental administrative assistant.

Typically, the TCN is requested by Experiment Station-funded faculty, although requests for a TCN from non-Experiment Station faculty will be approved.

The following notation should be included when the paper is submitted for publication:

           “Technical Contribution No. ______ of the Clemson University Experiment Station”

Federal law requires that every journal article written under the auspices of funding from the Hatch Act or the McIntire-Stennis Act contain the following statement:

“This material is based upon work supported by the NIFA/USDA, under project number SC-1700___.” (enter Hatch or McIntire-Stennis project number here)

In addition, all publications and other materials, except scientific articles or papers published in scientific journals, must contain the following statement:

“Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the USDA.”