Plant breeders introduce new soybean varieties

Image depicts soybeans.Insects, plant diseases, drought and heat all threaten crop yields for farmers. To address these challenges, Clemson plant scientists constantly seek to develop new crop varieties that are hardy and produce high yields.

This year, plant breeder Emerson Shipe and his colleagues introduced three new soybean varieties they have developed. Soybeans are used in foods for humans and animals, as cooking oil and as biofuel. They are an $80 million crop in South Carolina and are grown on more acres than any other row crop in the state.

The new varieties have good yield potential, improved resistance to nematodes and diseases, and tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. One variety has already been licensed for commercial sale by AgSouth Genetics while another is being evaluated for licensing.  For information: Emerson Shipe,, 864-656-3524.