Collections & Specimens

If you have a specimen that you would like to have identified, plan on bringing it with you when you  attend our annual Museum Day and Earth Science Day events, and one of our curators will tell you more about it.

High-resolution photographs of your specimens can be sent via email to, but there is no substitute for seeing the actual specimen(s) in order to make an accurate identification.  You can contact Dave Cicimurri, Curator of Collections, to set up an appointment at (864) 656-4601.

The museum primarily acquires specimens by visiting field sites (quarries, for example), but staff cannot visit all sites within the museum's mission area.  All natural history specimens are potentially unique or new to science, and we encourage you to share your findings with scholars and the general public, and help preserve specimens for future generations.  If you would like to make a donation to the museum, please contact Dave Cicimurri, Curator of Collections, at (864) 656-4601.