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Designed just for Boy and Girl Scouts, this program includes various projects that satisfy most of the requirements for a geology activity.  Leaders will need to let the museum know the group's specific requirements so that activities can be tailored for each level.  It is a good idea to make sure Scouts have a general understanding of and interest in geology, and understand the requirements, so that they are prepared before the program.  Scouts are welcome to bring any specimens they would like identified.

The cost is $12/student for this 2-hour program, ($72 or 6 scout minimum) which is limited to 15 students (no exceptions).  Programs are scheduled in the morning or afternoon of the 3rd Saturday of each month (dates fill up quickly so please schedule early and have alternate dates in mind).  Contact Allison Jones, Curator of Education, to schedule: 864-656-4602 or

Pre-registration is required!

Activities may include:

  • A guided tour of the museum with emphasis on SC fossils and minerals
  • A hunt for geological building materials in the museum
  • A discussion of the three different types of rocks and the rock cycle
  • Identification and organization of a mineral collection, including 8-10 rocks/minerals
  • Creation of an impression fossil in clay using real fossils
  • Discussion of basic geological principles, such as mountain-building, volcanoes, or plate tectonics.
Contact Information:

If for some reason you must cancel the program or will be late, please remember to call us at 864-656-4600. Our address is 140 Discovery Lane, Clemson, SC 29634-0130.