Fringe Benefits Rates

Fringe Benefits Rates are negotiated along with Facilities & Administrative Rates, and must be applied to all salaries included on a grant budget. (Current rates will be actually applied to salaries and wages when they are paid, regardless of what was budgeted in the original grant application. Please keep this in mind when budgeting.)

FY2014 Rates (for project years starting after 7/1/13):

9-Month Faculty = 27.5%
12-Month Faculty and Staff, FT Employees = 32.0%
Students (Grad and Undergrad) = 3%
PT/Temporary Employees = 21.5%

FY2015 Projected Rates (for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 starting after 7/1/14)
Employee Type                               FY 2015                Change
9 month                                          28.2%                   + .7%
Administrator                                   34.0%                  + 2.0%
Students                                           5.3%                   + 2.3%
Part-Time / Temporary                     22.8%                   + 1.3%

The following four fringe benefit accounts are used for employer fringe activities which are included in the pooled fringe rate (FICA, retirement, insurance, etc.)

5220 Pooled Fringes 9 Mo. Employee5221 Pooled Fringes 12 Mo. Employee
5222 Pooled Fringes PT/Temp Employee
5223 Pooled Fringes Student Employee