Project Location

Hunnicutt Creek Watershed location, boundary and HUC number

Hunnicutt Creek is the primary drainage basin for Clemson University. It is located in Pickens County South Carolina, USA. Approximately 2/3 of campus drains to the restoration reach. The remainder drains into the old Seneca Riverbed located near the baseball stadium, indoor football practice facility and track. All waters within the Hunnicutt Creek Watershed are pumped into Lake Hartwell. These waters are part of the larger Savannah River Basin.

The image to the right illustrates the boundaries to the Hunnicutt Creek Watershed. The easternmost portion of this watershed drains toward the restoration reach indicated by a red oval.

The image below is an aerial photograph of Clemson University's Calhoun Research Area and surrounding lands. The restorations area is indicated by a red oval. The orange hashed line is a simplistic conceptual rendering of the new stream channel which is to be constucted in this area.

  Approximate location and conceptual rendering of Hunnicutt Creek restoration