New pest control regulations begin in January

By Tracy Outlaw

Pest Control RegulationThere will be significant changes in pesticide applicator regulations beginning January 1, 2006. Maintenance workers and other employees who previously may have applied pesticides as part of their normal duties without being licensed will have to either obtain a license or work under the direct supervision of someone who is licensed.

“Requests from the trade associations prompted this change,” said Von McCaskill, head of Clemson’s Department of Pesticide Regulation, the agency responsible for enforcing the S.C. Pesticide Control Act.

Licenses will be required for anyone working in aquatic pest control, turf and ornamental pest control, and in public health pest control. Aquatic pest control is the use of herbicides on lakes and ponds to control aquatic weeds and plants, including golf course ponds and water attractions. Turf and ornamental pest control refers to any type of pesticide application (herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides) to lawns or turf. Public health control refers primarily to mosquito control products, including residential mosquito control systems. 
“Our primary goal is to educate the regulated community,” said Cam Lay, assistant department head. “Mandatory licensing in these areas ensures that pesticide applicators understand the latest technology, application methods and safety issues.”

For more information: Department of Pesticide Regulation, 864-646-2150 or