Research focuses on genetics and food

By Peter Kent

Clemson President Jim Barker and Greenwood Genetic Center Director Roger Stevenson sign a landmark agreementClemson University and Greenwood Genetic Center have joined forces to find causes and cures for birth disorders and susceptibility to premature birth, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. The partnership, called the Genetics Collaborative, seeks to increase research in genetics and nutrition-related diseases.

Greenwood scientists will provide the expertise in human genetics, while Clemson scientists will focus on the genetics of nutrition and how specific food micronutrients influence human health. This ground-breaking research will be affiliated with the Genomics Institute, the Institute for Nutraceutical Research and the Biosystems Research Complex at Clemson University.

In addition, the partners hope to expand the graduate education program in human genetics, including the addition of a distance education center on the Greenwood campus. This initiative will strengthen the appeal of Upstate South Carolina for genetics-related companies. SC Bio, the state’s biotechnology incubator located at the Greenwood Genetic Center, will support commercialization of new technologies that result from the collaborative research.

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