Letter from the Vice President

John W. Kelly, Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture at Clemson UniversityAlmost everyone knows that Clemson researchers and Extension agents help farmers produce bigger and better crops. But did you know that they also work to ensure that farmers can afford to stay in business? As picturesque as farm life is, it must also be profitable or we will lose the main economic force in South Carolina’s rural communities.

Speaking of rural communities, what would happen if a county government could not afford to pay its bills? Our community and economic development experts help local governments decide how to manage growth so expenses don’t exceed revenues.

It is Clemson employees who regulate pesticide safety in South Carolina, including licensing pesticide applicators and educating rural families on how to protect well water from chemical contamination. And our researchers are studying the genetic mechanisms that allow food nutrients to protect the human body from hypertension, diabetes and other illnesses.

Finally, in addition to 4-H, our commitment to youth includes research to prevent bullying and training to improve teacher and student performance in public schools. You’ll find more information on these and other services in this issue.

John W. Kelly
Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture