Agriculture’s value to the state economy

Agriculture and forestry provide about a $5 billion boost to South Carolina’s economy each year.
“The value of South Carolina agriculture is more than what happens at the farm level,” said Todd Davis, a Clemson agricultural economist. “A conservative estimate is that every dollar generated in farm revenue generates another dollar somewhere else in the state’s economy.”
Estimated cash receipts for South Carolina crops and livestock was $1.66 billion in 2003. In addition, delivered value of timber was $834 million in 2001, the most recent statistics available. This translates into more than $2.4 billion in farm revenues.
“That would mean the total contribution to the state’s economy exceeds $4.9 billion for agriculture and forestry,” said Davis.
The top agricultural products in the state and their value are: timber ($834 million); broilers ($389 million); greenhouse, nursery and floriculture ($289 million); turkeys ($172 million); tobacco ($125 million); cattle and calves ($123 million); vegetables ($88 million); eggs ($87 million); cotton ($64 million); soybeans ($62 million) and milk ($42 million).

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