Partnership supports state shrimp industry

By Peter Kent

ShrimpboatSouth Carolina shrimp were a big hit at the state Capitol during the Taste of South Carolina. Clemson and the S.C. Shrimpers Association served up shrimp and industry information to state leaders at the spring event.
“We brought 150 pounds of shrimp and came back with only a few pounds,” said Jason Goins, Clemson Extension associate for the shrimp industry.

Clemson researchers and Extension associates are working with South Carolina shrimpers to revive the industry, which has been devastated by cheap imported shrimp and a sluggish economy. Clemson efforts include developing infrastructure support, quality assurance and marketing programs. “Most everyone we spoke to about the current situation seemed to be concerned and in our corner,” said Goins.

The event was organized by the Palmetto Agriculture and Food Industry Council to showcase the importance of the state’s food and agriculture production industry. The shrimp industry was represented by Lonnie Golden, president of the S.C. Shrimpers Association, Clemson Extension associate Georgia Tisdale and Goins.

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