Letter from the Vice President

John Kelly, Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture In many of the IMPACTS articles, we refer to facilities around the state. Below is a map below to illustrate where these facilities are located. As you can see, our “campus” is the state of South Carolina.

This integrated, multi-disciplinary system is designed to develop and deliver unbiased, science-based information to improve the quality of life for our state’s citizens in the areas of:

  •    Agrisystems productivity and profitability

  •    Economic and community development

  •    Environmental conservation

  •    Food safety and nutrition

  •   Youth development and families

I hope you enjoy this issue. It contains information that can benefit commercial growers and livestock producers, forest and natural resource managers, economic and community development professionals, youth and families, state and local agencies, businesses, and private citizens.   

John W. Kelly

Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture

Map of South Carolina