Young students become forensic investigators

By Pam Bryant

Clemson Student Investigators logoEvidence reveals there’s a new program under development to teach fifth through eighth graders the processes and technologies of forensic science. CSI – Clemson Student Investigators – is an experiential learning program developed by the Youth Learning Institute.

CSI students will use fingerprinting, footprint casting, DNA analyses, enzyme testing and other math, science and technology applications to solve mysteries. The three-day, two-night residential program will bring groups of students to the institute in Pickens to build class unity, and to demonstrate leadership and cooperation.

CSI also offers continuing education credits for teachers who complete professional development trainings that promote stress reduction and performance enhancement, and identify catalysts to make learning fun for students. As a bonus, they will receive a TestEdge® kit, an interactive, research-proven learning program that teaches students skills to overcome test anxiety and improve scores. CSI sessions will operate between February and May.

For more information or to schedule a class: Youth Learning Institute 864-878-1041.