iCARE meets community needs

By Debbie Dalhouse

A Clemson service learning project is matching business students with Upstate communities to meet real-world needs.

Called iCARE, the project is part of Clemson’s Alliance for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations. It has involved more than 350 students and more than 25 community groups in Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, and Greenville counties. Services include creating a computer-training program for senior citizens, building a database to manage medications for at-risk youths, developing job descriptions for public libraries, and providing an online database for small-business resources.

The Alliance won the InnoVision Technology Award for Community Service in 2005.  “The judges were impressed with the innovative blend of community service and educational aspects of iCARE, as well as the collaborative nature of the program,” said Amy Robichaud, InnoVision advisory board chair.

Management professor Michael Crino and marketing professor Charles Duke planted the seeds for the alliance several years ago through a partnership with upstate universities.

For more information: Michael Crino, 864-656-3753, crino@clemson.edu, or Charles Duke, 864-656-5286, dcharle@clemson.edu.