Protect your investment from termites

By Tracy Outlaw

The Southeast is a high-risk area for subterranean termites, which burrow upward through foundation cracks and attack the wood of the house. Over time, the whole structure of a house is weakened and creates an economic risk for what is usually a homeowner’s largest investment.

In South Carolina alone, more than 25,000 new houses are constructed yearly. Between existing dwellings and new ones, the state’s structural pest control industry does an estimated $269 million worth of business annually. Clemson’s Department of Pesticide Regulation is authorized by the state to oversee licensing and performance of the industry.

To obtain a license, pest control operators must pass a comprehensive certification exam and demonstrate financial responsibility for property damage and public liability.
Licensed businesses will have a Department of Pesticide Regulation decal and their names and business license numbers on their vehicles. Pest control technicians carry identification cards that verify their training.

If you have pest control questions or believe a violation may have occurred, call 864-646-2150 or your county Clemson Extension office.