Heart-healthy beef passes taste test

By Peter Kent

cow grazingA taste-test panel of 110 consumers sampled pasture-raised beef and asked for more. The study, conducted by Clemson beef expert Susan Duckett, measured public response to the heart-healthy beef to inform the state’s cattle producers.

Nationally, the organic and natural food sector is growing rapidly. Health-conscious consumers are attracted to grass-fed beef because it is leaner with higher levels of conjugated linoleic acids fats and omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. These compounds have been linked to reducing heart disease and cancer. In addition, grass-fed beef is produced from animals raised without growth supplements.

South Carolina cattlemen have an advantage for producing grass-fed beef because of the state’s long growing season. Duckett is working with Clemson Extension forage specialist John Andrae to identify consumer demand and develop effective pasture management systems. Grass-fed beef is most commonly purchased direct from producers: www.eatwild.com/products/. 

For more information: Susan Duckett, 864-656- 5151, sducket@clemson.edu, John Andrae, 864-656-3504, jandrae@clemson.edu.