Pasture expert to advise livestock producers

By Peter Kent

John AndraeJohn Andrae has joined Clemson as a faculty member and Extension specialist in pasture grazing and forage production.

He is a highly regarded expert in soil and crop sciences, including grazing management and alleviating tall fescue toxicosis (a condition that affects cattle and horse production). Other interest areas include using legumes, such as clover and alfalfa, to improve pastures and enhance hay production and quality.

“The cattle industry in South Carolina is a vital part of the state’s economy,” Andrae said. “I look forward to working not only with beef producers, but also sheep and goat producers, horse enthusiasts, hay producers, and wildlife managers.”

A native of Texas, Andrae previously was on the faculty and Extension Service at the University of Georgia. He serves on the boards of directors for the American Forage and Grassland Foundation and the American Forage and Grassland Council.

For information: John Andrae, 864-656-3504,