Homeowners now can mail in soil samples

By Diane Palmer

Soil kitHomeowners can now get recommendations for home garden soil improvements through the mail. The convenient new soil sample mailer includes a soil-sample bag, instructions on how to take the sample and a postage-paid shipping envelope. Results are mailed back about 10 days after the sample is received.

“Soil sample results recommend what is needed to grow healthy flowers, vegetables, shrubs or lawns based on the homeowner’s soil conditions,” said Kathy Moore, director of Clemson’s Agricultural Service Laboratory. For example, different types and amounts of fertilizer might be required to grow vegetables versus lawns.

The mailer costs $15 and can be ordered online at www.clemson.edu/psapublishing/. Homeowners may also pick up a soil-sample bag at their county Clemson Extension office and return the sample to the Extension office or to the Agricultural Service Laboratory for $6.

For information: Kathy Moore, 864-656-2300, kmr@clemson.edu