Keep pesticides high and dry

By Peter Kent

The 2006 hurricane season looks to be an active one. Bob Bellinger, Clemson Extension pesticide safety educator, offers some advice for homeowners in storm-prone areas: “Keep your pesticides high and dry.”

Last year Hurricane Katrina caused tremendous devastation, which was made worse by lawn and garden pesticides that mixed with flood waters, creating a toxic gumbo.

Store pesticides on high shelves and, better still, put them in a waterproof plastic container or line a box with a plastic bag and tie it securely. Clearly mark the box as pesticides and leave all labels on the products.

“Also remember the most important six words on pesticide label: Keep Out of Reach of Children,” said Bellinger. Extension agents are located throughout the state to help homeowners select and handle pesticides safely.

For more information: Bob Bellinger, 864-656-5042,, or