Marketing seminar helps farmers plan for 2006

By Peter Kent

Their boardrooms may be barns, but farmers need marketing plans as much as any business executive. For seven years Clemson’s Extension Service has offered a marketing seminar to help farmers turn their commodities into cash. 

This year’s seminar, held January 10-13, provided farm operators with an intense education. Topics included market analysis, selling and pricing strategies, government programs, crop insurance and commodity trends. After more than 16 hours of hands-on training, participants left with a marketing plan based on their own farm costs and needed returns, not hopes and hot-tips.

Clemson Extension farm business consultant Scott Mickey led the teaching team that included Jeff Beal of Jerry Gulke’s Strategic Marketing Services and Edgar Woods and Brenton Bozard of Palmetto Grain Brokerage.

Agriculture and forestry (the food, fiber and forestry industries) are among the most important components of South Carolina’s economy. One in five jobs and 17% of the state’s economic output are linked to these industries. The sector provides 460,000 full and part-time jobs (22% of the state total), $15.1 billion in income (17% of the state total), and creates $35.7 billion in gross sales (22% of state total).

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