Mobile command center aids rapid response team

By Tracy Outlaw

Mobiel Command CenterSouth Carolina is one of the first states in the nation to develop a field-level rapid response team for chemical and biological threats to agriculture. The team is equipped with a mobile command center so they can respond from any location in the state.

Clemson Regulatory Services experts in plant disease and pesticide misuse investigation make up the team. They provide the agricultural community with an early warning system to identify, contain, and mitigate chemical and biological threats.

Team members undergo specialized training to respond to threats that target the state’s agricultural resources. Their mobile command center includes a field communications center and laboratory. The laboratory is equipped to diagnose plant diseases and identify pesticides or similar toxic substances that could threaten crops and livestock.

The communications center is equipped with statewide radio, cell phone and satellite phone technology. This provides Clemson regulatory agents with direct contact to support state and local emergency response units, law enforcement, and other agencies such as Clemson Livestock-Poultry Health or county agricultural response teams.

For information: Christel Harden, 864-656-2315,