Hydrologist studies stormwater runoff in coastal areas

By Tom Lollis

bank of a river; Photo by Debbie DalhouseTo help developers, state and county agencies, homeowners and municipal officials learn how to reduce runoff, stormwater engineer Anand Jayakaran is researching natural and developed watersheds. 

“I will be researching watersheds and how they are affected by rapid development along the coast,” said Jayakaran, who is based at the Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology & Forest Science in Georgetown. “I’ll be looking at how urban development affects the quantity of runoff from storm events and studying ways to mitigate that runoff.”

Jayakaran will use less-developed watersheds as a baseline to show how stormwater affects the land in a more natural setting.

For information: Anand Jayakaran, 843-546-1013, ext. 223, ajayaka@clemson.edu